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Main Menu


Olives 4.75 Ve, Mixed olives
Houmous & Flatbread 5.50 Ve, 
Pomegranite seeds, olive oil
Homemade Chips 3.75 GF
Fries 3.75 GF
Sweet Potato Fries 5.00
House Salad 2.50 GF
Seasonal Vegetables 3.50 GF
Garlic Ciabatta 3.95
Cheesy Garlic Ciabatta 4.25
Beer-battered Onion Rings 3.75

To Start

Soup of the Day 5.50 GF available, Sliced ciabatta and butter
Breaded Garlic Mushrooms 5.50 V, Crispy Coated mushrooms, chive aioli
Prawn Cocktail 7.95 GF available, Marie Rose sauce, sliced ciabatta and butter
Baked Camembert 11.95 GF available, Garlic, fresh rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, caramalised red onion chutney, toasted ciabatta
Cheesy Nachos 8.75 V, Rich cheese sauce, guacomles, sour cream, fresh tomato salsa, chillies, spring onions with Chilli Con Carne 9.75
Salt & Pepper Calamari 8.95, 
Fresh sliced chillies, chive aioli
Garlic Bruschetta 7.25 V, Fresh tomato salsa, Sweet balsamic glaze with Prosciutto Ham 7.75
Halloumi Fries 6.00,
Sweet Chilli Dip
Buttermilk Chicken Tenders 7.75, BBQ drizzle, fresh sliced chillies, spring onions
Share platter 16.00, For 2-4 people. Buttermilk chicken tenders, Garlic Mushrooms, Calamari, Scampi and Onion rings with a sweet chilli dip and chive aioli


Homemade Cow Pie 22.50, 1/2 kilo slow cooked beef in ale pie. Buttery Mash or Homemade chips, seasonal vegetables, gravy

Homemade Steak and Ale Pie 16.50, Buttery Mash or Homemade chips, seasonal vegetables, gravy
Homemade Cheese Leek and red Onion Pie 13.75, Buttery Mash or Homemade chips, seasonal vegetables, gravy
Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne 12.50 V, Dressed side salad, garlic ciabatta
Homemade Beef Lasagne 13.50, Dressed side salad, garlic ciabatta
Royale Chicken Tikka Masala 13.95, Chicken Breast in an aromatically spiced creamy tomato sauce with spinach and cashew nuts, basmati and wild rice, naan bread, poppadum
Thai Style Vegetable Curry 13.75 V, Baby sweetcorn, aubergine, bamboo shoots, cauliflower and basmati rice, naan bread, poppadum Add Chicken 4.25 OR Add Prawns 4.25
Hunters Chicken 13.95 GF, Grilled chicken breast, smokey BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, melting Cheddar cheese, homemade chips, dressed side salad
Chicken Caesar Salad 12.50 GF, Grilled chicken breast, little gem lettucs, crispy prosciutto ham, Italian hard cheese shavings, Caesar dressing
Homemade Chicken Breast, Mushroom and Cider Pie 14.50, Creamy white sauce, Buttery Mash or Homemade chips, seasonal vegetables, gravy
Fish & Chips 15.95, Beer-battered Haddock, homemade chips, mushy or garden peas
Whitby Scampi 14.50, Homemade chips, mushy or garden peas
Soy-Glazed Salmon 16.75, Baked soy-glazed salmon, sauteed baby corn, courgette, mixed peppers, green beans, new potatoes, soy & chilli dressing
Homemade Fish Pie 16.00, Salmon, cod, haddock and prawns in a creamy white sauce, served with seasonal vegetables
Homemade Kebab 15.95 GF available, Oven-baked garlic flatbread, crumbled Feta cheese and pomegranate seed sald, fruity chilli sauce, seasoned fries. Choose from: Chicken & Chorizo, Halloumi & Veg V. Add an extra kebab 5.00
10oz Cumberland Sausage Curl 13.50, Creamy spring onion mash and onion gravy

From the Grill

28-day aged steaks served with seasoned homemade chips, roasted vine cherry tomatoes and a flat mushroom

8oz Sirloin Steak 19.75 GF, A firm and well-marbled cut from the loin. Recommended medium rare
10oz Ribeye Steak 26.75 GF, A ribbon of marbled fat gives this steak its melt in the mouth succulent texture. Recommended medium
10oz Gammon Steak 14.50 GF, Gammon Steak with fried free-range egg, grilled pineapple, chips, roasted vine tomatoes, garden peas
Mixed Grill 22.75, 4oz rump steak, 6oz gammon steak, pork chop, lamb chop, pork sausage, fried free-range egg
Upgrade your Homemade chips to Sweet Potato Fries for 1.75 extra
Peppercorn sauce 2.00


All Burgers are stacked in a toasted bun with burger sauce, little gem lettuce, beef tomato and red Onion, served with seasoned fries and slaw

Bacon & Cheese Beef Burger 14.50, Double stacked, smoked streaky bacon, cheesy slices
Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger 14.50, Grilled chicken breast, smoked streaky bacon, cheesy slices
Veggie Burger 13.50 V, Melting mature cheddar cheese, roasted peppers
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger 15.95, Butterflied chicken breast marinated in buttermilk and deep fried, thens teacked with cheesy slices, smoked streaky bacon, hash browns and BBQ sauce, served with a rich gravy
Upgrade your Homemade chips to Sweet Potato Fries for 1.75 extra


Rich Chocolate Torte 7.00 GF, Refreshing cassis sorbet
Sticky Toffee Pudding 7.00, Luxurious gingerbread ice cream
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake 7.00 GF, Zingy mixed berry compote, double cream
Apple & Pear Crumble 7.00, Apple and pear compote, crumble topping, hot custard
Belgian Waffles 7.00, Salted caramel ice cream


Chocolate Brownie Sundae 7.50, Belgian chocolate and vanilla pod ice-creams, chocolate brownie, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, choclate orange wafer
Lotus Biscoff Gingerbread Sundae 7.50, Gingerbread and vanilla pod ice-creams, crunchy Lotus Biscoff Biscuit crumb, whipped cream, toffee fudge sauce

Allergen advice: due to the way our food is prepared it is not possible to guarantee the absence of allergens in our meals and we do not make a ‘free from’ claim. Our allergen information only states allergens if they are an ingredient of our product. We do not include may contain information. Our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients. As we use other food containing gluten in our kitchens, we can not declare any of our dishes are gluten or wheat free.  Please ask a member of staff should you have any concerns.